Welcome to Prayavi School Of Nursing

Welcome to Prayavi School Of Nursing,a specialized and well-equipped institution imparting quality education training in the field of nursing science,the academy,since its inception intends to take major strides in the direction,build a formidable name in the field to be acknowledged by many.

From the President's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure in saying that Prayavi school of nursing has made tremendous progress in the field of nursing education in northern karnataka.The college imparts quality education through renewed,dedicated and experienced faculties,Prayavi School Of Nursing believes that unbeatable faculty and infrastructure are vital factors for creating top-notch professionals.

Clinical facilities makes a remarkable progress in the history of Prayavi School Of Nursing,we make our students Florence Nightingale personified students by implementing to them the thoery of giving merciful,compassionate service to ailing humanity.

The students are provided with excellent scope of having all the most modern state of art infrastructure and an ideal learning environment so that they may lead in clinical reasearch and for the advancement of patient care.we enrich the life of the student with so many loving memories that they experience,the fragrance of homely environment

I fondly,believe that our students will be an ispiration to the outer world by reminding that essence of nursing is care and effection.I surely believethat they will devote thier life to the ailing humanity just like the mother of poor, "Mother Teresa"

I advice them to explore all areas and emerge as winners of tomorrow.
Wishing You all the best for future endeavours.

Aims of the college

The College Prepares students for the "A" grade certified examination in Nursing conducted by "Karnataka State Nursing Council".
  • To install and develop an aptitude for nursing in students and to provide the neccessary knowledge nad skill to give comprehensive nursing care to patients in all type of illness.
  • To develop skill in recognising and interpreting intelligently physical,mental,emotional manifeastations of illness ana be able to plan individual nursing care to patients based on thier unique needs.
  • To develop in the trainess personal intellectual and professional qualities essential to be nurse par excellence.
  • To help students work in mutual co-operation with medical and paramedical personnel and participate in various programs for prevention of disease and the promotion of health in the community.
  • To help students integrate principles of mental hygiene,involved in the practice of nursing.
  • To develop an appreciation of ethical and moral principals involved in the practice of nursing.
  • To help the students practice and teach others the principal of healthy living.
  • To prepare students to be interdependent in thier field of work and to become gradually independent and self supporting financially after thier training period.
  • To develop an individual,to be sensitive to the rights of others and conscious of his/her duties and responsibilities to his/her own profession,fellowmen and the country.
  • To help the students develop extracurricular activities.

Objectives of the college

On completion of the course,the graduates are expected to:
  • Have a broad concept of the fundamental principlas of quality nursing care.
  • Participate with other health team members in rendering promotive,preventive and restorative health care delivery.
  • Demonstrate skills in teaching and supervising nursing care.
  • Illustrative leadership qualities and decision making abilities in various situations.
  • Advance without further formal education to the changing health needs of the community.
  • To provide comprehensive nursing care and save life and relive suffering of the sick.
  • To train nurses on par with inernational standards to facilitate them to take up jobs in U.S.A,U.K etc.