Health Program

Before admission,selected candidates will have to undergo a thorough medical examination in this institution at thier own cost.Any candidate found to be medically unfit would not be admitted for course.Following selection candidates will have to join the medical scheme of the institution.


Tuition,Hostel,Mess and other fees connected to training is fixed by the institution from time to time and are payable on semester monthly basis .To avoid penalty,students are to clear all the dues within the specified time.Default in timely settlement of dues may result in termination from rolls of the institution.


A well equipped library with more than 1000 books to the students for thier reference at any time and also lot of national and international journals are provided.

Clinical Facilities

  • The Students are exposed to rural and urban areas as prescribed bt the INC syllabus and KNC.
  • At the initial stages the students will be posted to the hospital where the students are given a practical hands on experience and are having the previlage of serving people of all walks of life espically from the weaker section.
  • The Institution has clinical facilities from Prayavi Hospital,(A 150+ bedded multi speciality )Bidar and district general hospital,Bidar which is a 500+ bedded hospital with best available clinical facilities.
  • The hospital is located just 4 kms from the college campus and students will be taken to the hospital by the college bus.
  • The hospital is having all medical departments with good infrastructure.


The fundamental of nursing lab is well equipped with necessary infrastructure for the students in acquiring practical knowledge.


Students are required to stay in the hostel attached to the institution,At the time of admission,a list of items normally required by the students for their stay in the hostel will be given,students are expected to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.Visitors are not allowed to meet the students.However on sunday,only the visitors authorized by the parents/Institution will be permitted.Misconduct/violation of Hostel etiquette will be be treated as a serious offence and appropriately dealt with.

Extra Curricular Activities

As education aims at the total development of a person,a number of opportunities are provided to the students to develop thie skills and talents in various fields.Membership to the student Nurses Association on local,state and national levels offer ample scope in development of thier knowledge and skill.Besides,opportunities are available for students to acquire talents in histrionics,music,dance,as well as indoor,outdoor games and sports.


The examinations are conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,Bangalore(KS),at the institute during the first week of october very year.

Carry Over Benefit

  • A candidate failinf in more than two subjects will not be promoted to the next year.
  • Candidate shall not be admitted to the subsequent higher examination unless the candidate has passed in all the papers in the previous examination.
  • If a candidate fails in thoery or practical exam in a paper he/she has to re appear for both in thoery and practical.


The college provides 50 and 35 seated buses for the transportation of the students.